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One Hundred Years of Speed in the Southwest

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All the tracks, drivers, & history you didn't know

Local race team showing off their equipment before a race during the 2nd decade of the 20th Century PHOTO COURTESY OTIS A. AULTMAN & EP LIBRARY COLLECTION

The El Paso area has over 400 years of history under its belt.  And for over 100 years, everyday El Pasoans have taken their love of the automobile, their desire to test their limits, and played it out in front of thousands of their neighbors.

Sadly, many of their greatest triumphs have been forgotten and the venues where they displayed their talents have simply disappeared.  Until now.

This website serves to honor their memories, rekindle the stories, and educate racing fans near and far as to the rich history of auto racing in the El Paso area.

Who won? What'd they drive? Where'd they race?

Typical  'big car' racecar seen on local tracks from the 30's through the 50's PHOTO COURTESY HEMMINGS.

This website is fan-driven. While I've spent many hours pouring over fading pictures and yellowing articles, it is the information that YOU, the El Paso racefan, has that will be the critical link in the telling of this story.

In your home right now are pictures that haven't seen the light of day in years. Tucked away in attics and garages are programs, ticket stubs, trophies, driving suits and helmets looking for a home.  And quite possibly, one or two cars sitting in a back yard looking for a new home.

While this website will host the 'virtual stories and pictures,' it is my hope that one day all the trophies and cars and items will find a permanent home in a real museum.

But it starts with this site, and it will be built with your help.  Surf the site, share the stories, send me your memories. Let's make sure our sport has it's own place in El Paso's colorful history.

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